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DVD Replication


Pre-loaded memory. Logo printing. Packaging. Your fully customizable USB solution.
























Style / Casing

We offer a wide variety of casing for our USB drives. Choosing the right casing can be important to line up with your marketing initiative, stand out from the crowd or create the "wow" factor for your clients. ...read more
Pre-Loaded Memory

Want to take your custom USB drives a step further? At CDMANUFACTURING.CA we can pre-load memory on your custom USB drives with any data you want. Whether it be a custom animation or video, a price list or other marketing material you can use our pre-load services to copy the data on all of your drives. ...read more
Size & Quantity

We carry a wide variety of memory capacity options. Whether you need something as small as 64MB or as large as 8GB we can provide you with the USB drives you and your clients need. ...read more
Custom Printing

To really impress your clients why not take advantage of printing services? We have the ability to print your logo right on the USB device. This is a great option to really make an impression on your clients and potential customers. ...read more


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