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DVD Replication

Cardboard Sleeves

Cardboard sleeves and CD mailers (or CD jackets) are a great way to reduce packaging bulk and weight from traditional CD & DVD packaging. Our cardboard mailers can be printed on CCNB recycled cardboard or Chipboard if you require for special effects.

We can create mailers with a wide variety of panel, pocket, folding and security seal options. To finish it off we can apply a Mylar tab to close the mailer or even shrink-wrap the final product.

We provide a complete line of CD & DVD Cardboard Sleeves printing.
CD & DVD Cardboard Sleeves printing and assembly is our specialty. We've evolved into a recognized full-service software duplication and packaging company specializing in CD & DVD manufacturing, CD and DVD duplication, custom packaging and fulfillment services.

Why Choose CD & DVD Cardboard Sleeves over other packaging options?

Image is everything - especially when it comes to sales. CD & DVD Cardboard Sleeves provide our customers with a great presentation package. High resolution CD & DVD Cardboard Sleeve printing makes your creative design explode with rich detail. Sophisticated, well designed packaging has a proven effect on sales. So the best reason to choose CD & DVD Cardboard Sleeves over other packaging options is simply the fact that it makes you more money.

We can provide small runs (as low as 50).

Our digital printing capabilities allow us to produce very low quantity runs and still deliver a great price to our customers. Digital printing is perfect for start-ups needing small runs of sample products, limited edition or demo music CDs.

We can also provide replication, full packaging and fulfillment, not just printing.

We are a one-stop shop. We don't just print packaging, we replicate CDs using the most precise methods available. Our use of both machine and hand assembly allows us to have very flexible packaging services. We not only create high quality end products, we deliver - FedEx, Purolator, TNT, UPS, Canada and U.S. Post as well as specialized trucking companies and couriers.

We have experienced customer service that supply superior attention to detail.

You'll enjoy our customer service. Every representative you meet is highly trained and qualified to answer all your questions. We employ many professionals with years of experience to help you with all aspects of your project.

Contact us immediately for a custom quote !

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