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Environmental Program

Environmental Program

Eco-friendly manufacturing processes

CDMANUFACTURING.CA understands the importance of taking our environment seriously and are intensely conscious of our responsibility as a manufacturing company to be as Earth-friendly as possible.

With this attitude in mind we developed a program we refer to as our Kaizen Concepts, which is the practice of continuous improvement and change for the better. Our improvements are all in place to effectively reduce carbon emissions and reduce consumption of global resources. No matter how small a change or action may seem it is our belief that each progressive step for improvement is a step in the right direction.


Environmental Program

Kaizen Concepts

Allow us to share some activities that are a result of our Kaizen Concepts:
Full recycling of all internal office paper.
Any paper that is non-confidential is always reused if there is a blank side left over.
All confidentially and double-sided documents are never thrown in the trash, always recycled.
Our office environment has been optimized and departments have been strategically placed within our building to maximize our efficiency which has allowed us to reduce energy consumption significantly (lighting, heating, air conditioning, hydro, etc.).
All discarded CDs & DVDs are ground and recycled for reproducing a wide variety of plastic products.
Compared to other plants we have a very low wastage of plastic which results in less machine hours to produce our products. This results in a lower carbon footprint from our plant.
How do we do it?
It all starts with the right equipment - we use extremely high-end equipment and perform continuous maintenance on all machines to maximize efficiency.
Very high yield rate in our CD & DVD production means less wastage and less machine time per project.
Use of sprue grinders on all of our machines to reuse all virgin plastic produced from sprues.
The exclusive use of vegetable-based inks in all of our printing products means we stay away from volatile and chemical-heavy inks.
All paper products are offered with FSC certified paper.


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